BALI 4.6

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14.28 m


7.66 m


1.22 m


2x 40 HP / 2X 57 HP Yanmar



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With the frame more elegant than ever, Bali 4.6 is a showstopper in her class. She brings that trademark Bali efficiency in space usage and Open Space. Aft cockpit and saloon become one big living area with the tilting garage door.
Fully equipped galley with a cooking range and full-sized double fridge with freezer and water cooler. New interior materials bring a new elegance to the Bali aesthetics. From the saloon, you can directly access the solid forward cockpit to enjoy the sun and refreshing sea breeze. The forward cockpit is big enough for the entire family to enjoy – no space goes to waste or you can enjoy the 360 view from the flybridge equipped with sunbeds, table and fridge.
Bali 4.6 comes in three versions: with 3, 4, 5 and up to 5+2 cabin layout. Fully sufficient, with 800L water tank, 800l fuel tank and watermaker, Bali 4.6 is suited for the all the yachtsmen who appreciate comfort and space.

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